The indeed campaign for nature
Help restore
the lost balance between humanity
and nature through
6 easy commitments.
What's this all about?
Embracing the World's InDeed Campaign for Nature is all about action. It's about putting Amma's practical suggestions -- about the way we might use the earth's remaining resources, and the way we interact with the natural world -- into practice in our own lives and our own communities. It's about what each of us can do, right now, in our own backyard, to help restore the lost harmony between humanity and nature.
How does it work?
We have identified six simple, concrete actions each of us can take, based on Amma's recommendations to help restore nature's lost harmony. These are not life-changing events. Some of them are things you can do on the weekend. Some of them don't require any extra effort on your part at all -- there's often more than one way to accomplish the same thing, and it might just be that the littlest change in the way you do the things you do every day is enough to make a big difference. Through a network of personal commitments and information to assist our individual efforts, we can collectively create a healthier, happier world.
Count me in!
Join the InDeed Campaign for Nature by making a personal commitment to conserve water, reduce your carbon footprint, plant a tree, grow your own veggies, carpool, or, if you're feeling intrepid, build a house for birds or bugs. Scroll down to learn more about why each of these actions is so important and make a personal commitment to follow through. You'll receive an InDeed Guide (PDF) filled with practical tips on how to translate your commitment into action, and have the chance to share your experience with others. And remember, you don't need any prior experience for any of these commitments. Sign up for each one that appeals to you; we'll provide all the instructions you need!
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