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Plant a tree

Scientists estimate there’s about 200 billion tons of excess CO2 in the atmosphere. Planting a single tree eliminates one ton of CO2 every year. Embracing the World volunteers have already planted more than a million trees worldwide; let’s make it two. Planting a tree is not only good for nature and for the battle against global warming, its good for us, too. Planting a tree enriches our lives and helps us to feel deeply connected to the natural world.
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We all know that trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. But our forests are fast disappearing - each year, 13 million hectares (50,000 square miles) of forests disappear, which is equivalent to the entire surface of Greece, Nicaragua, or the state of Mississippi. At current rates of deforestation, the world’s rainforests may disappear from the face of the earth in just 100 years.

When forests disappear, many animals find they have no place to live-deforestation is one of the driving forces behind the drastically accelerated rate of species extinction. Deforestation endangers our habitat, too-the loss of natural forests throughout the world actually contributes more to the emission of greenhouse gases and the ensuing warming of the earth’s atmosphere than all forms of transportation combined.
Amma has requested that every person on this planet plant at least five trees or plants per year. It may sound like a daunting task, but we’ve worked hard to make it easy for you. The InDeed Guide to Tree Planting, delivered to your email inbox when you click Count Me In, is full of tips on how to plant trees of all shapes and sizes. You’ll learn exactly when, how and where to plant your tree so that it will thrive over the long haul, and you can play your part in restoring nature’s balance.

Sometimes in a crisis, there’s nothing to do but roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. When it comes to deforestation, there’s no way around it-if we need more trees, we’re going to have to plant some.