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Build a house for birds or bugs

Every 20 minutes, we cross over a line from which there is no return, as another species disappears. Species extinction is a normal process. But extinction is happening at least 100 times faster than it should. The last time something similar happened in the earth’s history was due to asteroids that radically changed the face of the earth. This time, we’re the asteroids. But building a safe haven for endangered insects or birds is easy, and it’s simpler than it sounds.
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As much as 35% of the world’s food supply (vegetables and fruits) directly depends on bees. And yet bees are currently disappearing very quickly all over the world, especially in the most developed countries. In different parts of the world, pollinators have become so rare that farmers have had to resort to hand pollination: they have to take the pollen from one flower to another by hand, which is a long and tedious process.

And bees are only the tip of the iceberg. Fundamentally, our society reflects a lack of awareness of the value biodiversity and natural ecosystems. Without Nature, we would simply not exist, and yet most of us have forgotten this profound fact. If we are aware of it, our actions as a society do not reflect this awareness.
Build a home for endangered insects or birds doesn’t have to be a major undertaking. The most basic structure requires just a single brick! For most of the structures, all it takes is a few pieces of wood and a few minutes or hours of your time. The InDeed Guide to Preserving Biodiversity, which you’ll receive when you click Count Me In, gives you all the instructions you need to play your part in creating a place for every being on this planet to call home. In caring for Nature in this way, you’ll open your eyes to the magnificence of Earth’s living diversity. It may even turn out that you receive much more than you give.